About Us

ADSpacePro is established for the sole purpose to digitalize and organize the informal out of home advertisement sector in India. With new means of advertising popping up every day, we are sure that the regular advertisements on walls, shutters, gates, vehicles and other private properties will never be out of touch of common masses, especially in a close knit and socially vibrant country like India.
The main purpose of ADSpacePro is to:

1. Provide easy access to individuals and companies to showcase their product and business.
2. Giving opportunity to private property owners to earn extra money from their asset.

Advertisers can choose their favorite location from thousands available on our platform and expand their business by showcasing it in most suitable location without any hassle. It is hassle free, secure and reliable.

Property owners can rent their specific space on walls, shops shutter, shops, windows, cars 'windshields etc. and earn extra. In such a large commercialized country like India, we hope there will never be shortage of advertisers who would want to pay for your space. Companies and individuals have already been painting your walls and shutters without your consent. Now it's time to get paid for that and increase your house hold income.

Adspacepro hopes to contribute towards the economic freedom of India.